Teaching Philosophy

Nate believes in empowering others with art. With an inter-disciplinary approach to learning and a variety of experiences--acting, directing, writing, devising, improvising--as a theatre artist, Nate fosters life-long skills in his teaching that will give students the ability to grow and develop as collaborators, artists, and citizens. His teaching style, therefore, is grounded in nurturing and fostering each student's creativity and personal expression. Throughout his workshops and courses, Nate stresses the importance of reflection and process--in order to develop and fully understand the concepts/principles/foundations taught, there must be time to reflect and think critically about the work being created. Nate also focuses on the powerful and vital aspects of collaboration and ensemble in the classroom, and so many of the activities/exercises/discussions are grounded in the ways in which we create together and awaken our imaginations to new possibilities. 



The workshops listed below are designed for schools, businesses, studios, and various other organizations interested in offering experiences geared towards team-building, ensemble-building, creative exploration, theatre introduction, and various other explorations. Nate caters and crafts each workshop to the interests and mission of your organization, and workshops are designed for all ages. If you are interested in offering a workshop or have questions on a specific workshop, please email Nate at rothermeln@gmail.com!


New Workshop Opportunity:

The Theatre Playground: A Storytelling Workshop

Theatre as an art form can help people gather, share stories, and connect with each other in deeper ways. The mission of The Theatre Playground workshop is to do just that: Through individually crafted theatre games, conversations, and improvisational exercises, participants will be taken on a journey that will awaken their imaginations and rediscover play in life. The end product of the workshop usually consists of one or more short devised piece(s) created by the participants, as well as a strong sense of community amongst the group. The workshop is crafted for each individual facility, and can be booked by the hour. Participants of any age and ability are welcome! 

To book this workshop, please contact Nate at rothermeln@gmail.com. 


Activism and Leadership Workshop:


Through exercises in introspection, collaboration, and goal-setting, we will investigate what it means to be a responsible citizen in the world, and how we can work each day to empower others and be active leaders. For more information, go to Nate's Activism Page!



Photo courtesy of Branches of Dance,    https://www.facebook.com/BranchesofDance/ .

Photo courtesy of Branches of Dance, https://www.facebook.com/BranchesofDance/.

  • Branches of Ensemble and Creativity

Offered at Branches of Dance Studio in Reading, PA, this workshop consisted of ensemble-building exercises and improvisational exercises geared towards developing a deeper understanding of collaboration and creativity. Through discussion and application, workshop participants were able to nurture not only their identity as a creative person, but also their understanding of the collaborative process. 


  • Creative Process Workshop

Photo courtesy of ASTEP at Albright College,  https://www.facebook.com/astepatalbright/

Photo courtesy of ASTEP at Albright College, https://www.facebook.com/astepatalbright/

Offered at various Olivet Boys and Girls Clubs, this workshop explores the complex and empowering nature of the creative process. Through ensemble and team-building games, as well as creative improvisation exercises geared towards creating original/devised work, participants are encouraged to consider not only their role in a collaborative setting, but also their role in their own creative processes. 


Courses Taught

Kimmel Center:

  • ONE MUSICAL Program--Nate completed a residency with the Kimmel Center for their Pilot ONE MUSICAL Program. During the Program, 5th grade students from the Philadelphia School District explored introductory skills of acting, including voice, body, and teamwork. In addition, students rehearsed a section of CINDERELLA and performed it with multiple other students from Philadelphia’s School District at the Kimmel Center.

Albright College:

  • Devised Theatre Workshop--Nate instructed a semester-long Devised Theatre Workshop as a part of Albright College's Directing Studio Course. During the Workshop, undergraduate students were encouraged to explore the world of devised theatre through readings, real-life applications, and hands-on experience crafting original pieces of devised theatre.

Yocum Institute for the Arts:

Photo courtesy of Yocum Institute,  http://institute-of-arts.org/ .

Photo courtesy of Yocum Institute, http://institute-of-arts.org/.

  • Drama Club--Ensemble-based club geared towards exploring the various aspects of the theatre, including acting, directing, storytelling, design, and collaboration. Students engage in a variety of acting exercises, design projects, creative discussions, and ensemble-building activities that challenge their creative process and expose them to a variety of theatrical skills.

  • Improvisation and Theatre Games--This course offered an introduction to improvisation by providing foundational skills, like "Yes, And", to students through applied theatre games, improvisation exercises, and more! Throughout the course, students were encouraged to use their imaginations, develop specific characters, support their scene partner, and experience the power of performing in the moment.

  • Introduction to Acting--This course offered students glimpse at the very basic foundational skills of acting. Through tailored workshops and exercises, students explored aspects of vocal training, physical training, ensemble training. In addition, students gained an insight into introductory acting technique-- exploring Stanislavsky's method and various improvisation exercises--and gained experience applying course material to a devised theatre experience.

  • Acting Level 1--This course offered students an introduction to acting. Throughout our journey, students were exposed to Stanislavsky technique, Anne Bogart's Viewpoints technique, and various movement theatre exercises. Through many tailored exercises, students were encouraged to apply these techniques with all aspects of acting--to the body, mind, and voice--and to discover and deconstruct their perception of what it means to act.

  • Acting Level 2 --This course offered students an intensive study into acting technique, building on material and foundational skills covered in Acting Level 1. Throughout our journey, students studied various acting methods/techniques, including Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Brecht, and Bogart, and were exposed to the basics of the "business" of acting (creating a resume, preparing for auditions, and monologue preparation).

  • Winter Playwriting to Performance--A master class in playwriting, this course offered an intensive look at the role of a playwright. Students reflected on the resonances of Aristotle's six theatrical elements and also the basic structural elements of a play, and afterwards created their own ten-minute plays that were put through a series of editing workshops, and then were performed via a staged reading.

  • Rockstar Music Composition to Performance--A week-long summer workshop that offered students the opportunity to compose an original song and create a music video for such. Students were exposed to the ways in which artists create new work, and also to the various elements (design, performance, technical) of creating a music video.

  • Greek and Roman Mythology Performance--A two-week long summer intensive workshop that exposed students to various Greek and Roman myths. Students were able to reflect on the concept of a myth and how people use myths to tell stories. Afterwards, students created several original devised pieces inspired by a variety of Greek and Roman myths, and then presented these pieces at a final performance.

Olivet Boys and Girls Club:

  • Creative Process--In collaboration with ASTEP, members of the Olivet Boys and Girls Club in Reading, PA got to explore the creative process and the concept of creativity. Students were exposed to a variety of improvisational, ensemble-building, and creative exercises.

  • Acting Workshop--In collaboration with ASTEP, this workshop was a collaborative series of week-long meetings that fostered knowledge of acting technique, vocal technique, and directing technique. Students devised an original ten-minute piece together and presented such during a final performance. :