Activism is a form of responsible citizenship, a duty as a world citizen to actively participate in social and political conversations that influence the culture and lives of everyone around us. At Albright College, Nate has found a deep appreciation for art activism with ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty) and while attending the Artist as Citizen Conference at Julliard in 2016. Now, he has made it his civic duty to actively engage in art for social change and social justice. Nate firmly believes that art has the power to shape our personal and national narratives, and can also connect human beings in very meaningful and intimate ways. Using his passion for art and its ability to empower others, Nate strives to provide artistic access and opportunity to people and communities who do not have them. 




This workshop is designed to empower participants, spark vital dialogue, and catalyze a genuine understanding of activism and leadership. Through exercises in introspection, collaboration, and goal-setting, workshop participants will investigate what it means to be a responsible citizen in the world, and how we can work each day to empower others and be active leaders. Nate's Activism and Leadership Workshop is designed for libraries, schools, conferences, and various other venues. For more information or to book this workshop, please contact Nate at


Nate's WOrk with ASTEP

Members of Olivet Boys and Girls Club of Reading and ASTEP volunteers.

Members of Olivet Boys and Girls Club of Reading and ASTEP volunteers.

Nate is currently the President of the ASTEP National Chapter Comittee for ASTEP in NYC. Nate was the previous Artistic Director of Albright's ASTEP chapter. Throughout his work with ASTEP, he has had the opportunity to provide workshops and various artistic resources to members of Olivet Boys and Girls Club in Reading, PA, as well as offer a 3-week theatre workshop in New Delhi, India!

 To read Nate’s Volunteer Spotlight on ASTEP’s Website, click here!


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Through the generous support and organization of ASTEP and TFI (Teach for India), Nate offered a 3-week long acting workshop in the village of Tughlakabad in New Delhi, India during the summer of 2017. Throughout our journey, we explored the various aspects of the theatre (design, acting, storytelling, directing) and also the power of ensemble, sharing your story, empowering others, and staying present in everything you do.